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Faux French Plants


Many people think of France as the ultimate country for romance, and its scenery gives evidence it may be true. Nearly Natural offers Francophiles a special page where they can purchase artificial plants, trees or flowers that evoke the feeling of the French countryside. Our popular silk olive trees grow are available, as well as several examples of cedar trees and bushes. We also have a rosemary tree or a cypress tree; both are crafted into a spiral arrangement. Some of the most evocative arrangements on that page feature the delicate pink petals of a faux cherry blossom tree or wreath.

Bring Home a Touch of Paris

With Nearly Natural, you may wonder if there are ways to make your artificial plants, trees or flowers look even more realistic - and to blend in with any natural foliage you may have. One helpful hint is to be sure to place our artificial plant or tree where there is natural light. Hiding a plant in a dark corner will cause your guests to overlook its excellent qualities. Another way to enhance the realness of our items would be to add to the fake moss, stones or other items sent with it by adding stones, moss or other items to the setting of your new fake plants.

Emjoy the Romantic Plants of France

Are you having one of THOSE days? You know the kind. Everything that’s happened throughout the whole day has gone wrong – and everyone’s on your back about the things you were supposed to do. Days like this can strip your soul bare, and you want nothing more than to pull the covers over your head and sleep for a week. How about some “greenery therapy” instead? Browse the selections in the Nearly Natural catalog and pick whatever calls out to your heart. Plants and flowers can soothe the soul, and if anyone deserves a bouquet, it’s you! Nearly Natural is the best antidote for THOSE days.

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