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Autumn is a beautiful time of year and nature drapes itself with the most phenomenal colors. Summer is taking its warm and sunny days from our skies, so autumn gives us a consolation prize of fiery-colored leaves, piles of orange pumpkins and a crisp scent in the air. If you love that time of year, go to our catalog and find one of our silk autumn arrangements. You could choose a bright autumn wreath with leaves – or choose one with pumpkins and berries. One unique wreath feature sprigs of sorghum arranged in a circle. For those who enjoy candlelight dinners, we offer two autumn-themed candelabrums.

An Incandescent Harvest

Nearly Natural is a place where dreams come true. You may think it’s only a website for selling fake greenery. But, it’s much more. Our artificial plants, trees and flowers may be the answer to your dreams. If you sit at your work desk and long to get out, it may be time to quit. But, before you do something that drastic, why not just purchase an inspiring plant or flower The spreading leaves of a silk plant – or the bright colors of the relentlessly beautiful faux flowers of a Nearly Natural arrangement; will transport you to a state of mind that will get you through the day.

Office in Fall Colors

Are you the manager of a large office, and you’d like to increase your staff’s morale? One creative idea to unite a group would be to provide a common decorative accent of greenery for each person on your staff. At Nearly Natural, we have a large variety of silk garlands that would be the perfect accent for a small cubicle. Purchasing a garland for each staff member would be a great unifying element, and it would bring some nature into the office. If your staff has larger offices, a bouquet or small plant for their desks would also be a good idea.

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