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Faux Kids Plants


Children are often born with an appreciation for nature, and they would appreciate having one of our artificial trees in their rooms. Some of our tree collection is just the right size for a nursery. For example, we offer two different types of fiddle leaf trees in sturdy planters. For your baby girl, the best choice might be the lovely faux cherry blossom tree. Its delicate pink petals will make your little princess welcome. An olive tree, with its sparse, thin leaves and faux olive fruits, is a great choice for any child’s room. They will love its tranquil ambience and be fascinated by the little faux olives.

Give Your Child a Glimpse of Nature

At Nearly Natural, we want to help you win the heart of the one you love. There’s a saying: “say it with flowers” – and there is a good reason for that. You can choose from a wide range of silk flowers and trees to gift your children with something they’ll treasure forever. We recommend roses, peonies, lilies, or bougainvillea’s. And the best part? Your children can't eat them and get sick, we know accidents can happen but faux greenery is a great alternative for busy families.

Bringing Nature into the Nursery

When you browse the Nearly Natural catalog, have you wondered about the pictures of flowers that look as if they are in a vase with water? That clear solution is called “liquid illusion”, and it’s what we use to enhance the authenticity of our silk flowers. Liquid illusion will never change color or need to be refreshed, and your faux flowers will always look authentically real. Some of the best bouquets in liquid illusion include big bunches of roses, an arrangement of colorful peonies, some beautiful blue hydrangeas, or a set of two bromeliad blossoms. They’re the nearest thing to the “real thing.”

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