Pet Friendly Faux Plants | Fake Plants & Trees

Our new pets collection of faux plants and trees is just what you’ve been waiting for. We designed this collection with your family’s safety at the forefront so you can rest easy knowing your pets are safe. Because some plants are poisonous for animals, our new collection allows you to keep your home’s urban jungle look all without the constant worry of your furry friends getting in trouble by eating the plants. Stop running around looking for cat safe plants and pet-friendly house plants. This collection removes the guesswork in procuring dog safe plants, giving you peace of mind. *Pets should not consume, digest or eat any part of the cat-safe fake plant, tree or flower. We are not responsible if they digest any portion of our items. In the event of digestion, please consult with a medical professional.

About Our Pet Friendly Plants

Explore 300+ pet friendly plants that transform your home into an oasis, all without maintenance. Expertly crafted by horticulturists from high-quality materials, our lifelike non toxic fake plants are sure to trick even the pickiest shopper; the kitty might even be surprised. There’s something for every style and budget, so shop with confidence.

Why Pets Love Faux Plants

Here at Nearly Natural, we take pride in our designs, every item is crafted by horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry. Long gone are the days of cheap and tacky-looking silk florals. Today, our pet-friendly trees, mimic mother nature’s beauty so your pet could feel closer to nature at their every turn. No matter the situation, they’ll faux in love with your new home décor item as it’ll remind them of the wild, their natural habitat. No matter the size of your space or budget, transform your space today, with pet-friendly trees made to last, and that’ll make your pet happy too. A win-win situation.

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