Preserved Plants | Preserved Trees

Add some color and life into your space with some preserved trees and plants. One of the best ways to brighten any space is by adding some maintenance-free preserved trees to enhance the beauty of your space. You can now welcome all guests into your space into a welcoming atmosphere sure to make them feel at home. Best of all? Our preserved line of faux plants requires zero maintenance from your end. Just an occasional feather dusting from time to time to ensure its longevity. No matter the size of your space or budget, the perfect faux tree awaits you, transform your home today.

Why Perserved?


At Nearly Natural we aim to create the most lifelike faux trees and plants. Horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry design every artificial tree and plant with meticulous attention to detail. Because of this experience, we’re able to capture mother nature’s beauty at every branch, stem, and trunk. Our creations are so realistic, that we’ve become the number one choice for leading interior decorators and social media influencers with millions of followers. You can, now, get the look of top designers without breaking the bank, no matter where you live or your budget, the perfect faux tree and plant await you.

How to Shop for the Perfect Perserved Tree

We know that shopping for home décor can be difficult at times, therefore we’re here to help you get started on this journey of designing your dream space. Our interior decorators recommend first picking a spot where you’d like to decorate, then measuring your space so you can narrow down the choices, we have a lot. By following this step, you’re making it easier to avoid messy returns. Now, you’re ready to start shopping around for your perfect plant and tree. No matter the size of your space, personal style or budget, there’s something for everyone.

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