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Artificial Red Plants


What is it about the color red? Why does it give us such a thrill to see it blaze through the crowd with its fiery warmth? Some of our most popular selections are red, and we invite you to explore the many choices you can make if that’s the color you are looking for. Everyone wants a poinsettia plant during the holiday season, we have the perfect replicas of these holiday standards. Think how great it will be to adorn your home or church with these bright red plants. If you need more ideas, how about a hanging basket of geraniums or bougainvillea?

A Swath of Scarlet

At Nearly Natural, we’re here for you all year round. Although we know you may be gearing up for the winter holidays, remember that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. That’s where our red plants and flowers would be the perfect gift. Red is the color of the heart, and you can show your sweetheart they are your heart’s choice with a bouquet of silk roses. You could make an unusual choice with a calla lily or bromeliad - and she’ll know you had her in mind when you did. You might also choose an artificial red succulent, and have a one-of-a-kind gift to give.

Very Vermillion

Think of your bedroom for a moment. Does it strike the mood you want it to evoke? When you enter that room, you are intent on rest, retreat, or romance. So, why not choose a faux plant or flower that will provide your bedroom with a flourish to spell out its spirit? Let one of our lovely flowers or trees set the right mood. Measure the spaces you want to fill with a new accent, and you will know what size inspiration piece you will want to buy. No matter what mood you want to evoke, Nearly Natural can provide it for you.

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