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Artificial Anthurium


Anthurium plants are not for those who want their decor to be subdued. From the bright scarlet of their oversized petals; to the towering golden spikes in the centers; to the lush leaves that cradle them in our arrangements, you’re sure to bring a flash of joyous spirit to each room you place these fiery flowers. In their native South America, they are sometimes called the Flamingo Lily. They are traditionally used by hostesses in Colombia and Ecuador to welcome guests. You can choose several sizes of arrangements and from a large variety of planters.

Flaming Flamingo Flowers

When you access the Nearly Natural website, you don’t just click on a catalog. You enter a realm of endless possibilities. From your initial greeting with a valuable coupon; to each page, filled with a cornucopia of every imaginable type of silk plant and flower. It’s all up to you. And it starts with a click of your mouse. Welcome to Nearly Natural. Welcome to “more.” What does your coupon entitle you to? It unlocks the key to “more.” More strong, authentic trees with tough, sinewy bark. More resplendent plants: with their leaves cascading over their planters. More impertinently precious petals to brighten and bless your rooms.

Scarlet Banners With Golden Tongues

Decorating your faux Christmas tree with DIY ornaments makes your tree a more personal creation. Choosing a snowflake theme for your tree can be a great way to involve several family members, who can all cut random little shapes from white construction paper and have their personal stamp on the tree. Think how much fun it could be to have the family’s own snowflake designs flocking the branches of your Nearly Natural tree. You might also opt to use real or constructed candy canes to sweetly deck out the branches of the tree. You can make candy canes from wire, construction paper or plastic.

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