Silk Bamboo Palm Plants | Fake Bamboo Trees

Establish a relaxing corner in your home or office with an artificial silk bamboo plant. Incredibly lifelike, our fake bamboo plants can help recreate the sense of lush jungle foliage. Offering up several subspecies and various sizes and planter options, these silk plants can amplify your room’s chosen aesthetic without any maintenance required.

Artificial Bamboo Plants


People who love bamboo know its secret. When you have one of our silk bamboo plants in your home, you have the perfect plant to bring an atmosphere of relaxation. Feng shui experts recommend the use of bamboo plants because they symbolize good fortune. Many people who study and utilize the concepts of feng shui tout the ability of bamboo plants to help guests achieve a state of relaxation and happiness.

Feathery Green Fronds

At Nearly Natural, we know you want your home to look its best when your family gathers for your Thanksgiving dinner. We have a great selection of autumn flowers, wreaths, and arrangements to decorate your table and your rooms. There are plenty of pumpkins, brightly-colored flowers, and rustic branches intertwined with ferns, twigs, and berries. Any of these choices will help elevate the spirit of celebration in your home on this special day. For 75 years, we have designed and sold the finest artificial plants and trees. Check out our selection today!

Shimmering Sprays of Silk

The holidays will soon be here, and I’ll bet there’s at least one person on your gift list who is a hard person to shop for. We invite you to look through our catalog. You’ll find something perfect for that person. We have gifts and arrangements that will fit every taste and won’t strain your budget. Does that person have a big yard? Get them one of our silk trees. Each branch and leaf is perfectly designed. Does the person work in an office? Why not brighten their desk with a brightly-flowering plant? Take a look at our unique gift ideas, and you’ll agree there’s a perfect gift for everyone.

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