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Why You Should Buy Silk Bay Leaf Plants?

Accentuate any bare spaces with year-round faux-ever greenery with the help of one or two of our silk bay leaf plants. Available in various sizes, styles, and potted options each is carefully designed from the finest materials to create the most lifelike version of the real thing. Known as the oldest cultivated tree species bay leaf plants have a long history of being sought-after for their beauty, they were even used to crown Olympic winners! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, each of our fake bay leaf plants can help refresh even the smallest of spaces without ever requiring any maintenance or upkeep. Feel confident in our lifelike faux bay leaf plants, great for year-round use and holiday exterior decor, let your space stand out, and keep your neighbors guessing if it's faux or real! Explore our minimalist and always vibrant selection of artificial bay leaf plants.

  • How to decorate?

    We know decorating your front porch can get tricky, but don't worry our fake bay leaf plants make executing your #frontporchgoals as easy as 1,2,3. If your home has double doors consider adding two silk bay leaf plants on each door side and an artificial wreath for the perfect finishing touch. Add dimension by mixing and matching heights, and add our 5' bay leaf cone topiary alongside its 3ft version. No matter your budget, style, or the size of your space, create a space to love today

  • Why Nearly Natural?

    Here at Nearly Natural, we aim to create the most realistic faux plants out there. With 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry, we design every plant with the real thing in mind. Because of this experience, we have become the number one choice for interior designers and social media influencers alike! You can get the look of your favorite influencers' style for a budget and the best thing little to no maintenance is required.

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