Silk Birds Nest Fern | Fake Birds Nest Fern

Bring the lush feeling of the forest into a home or office with our wide selection of artificial bird’s nest fern plants. Designed in careful detail showcasing vibrant green hues, our silk fern replicas are even easier to maintain than the real thing; some made even more realistic with the addition of moss, ivy, and assorted grass. Available in hanging planters or decorative pots to arrange throughout your home or garden, they’re great for evoking the vibrant yet calming natural of the forest.

Faux Birds Nest Ferns


If you are in awe when you walk through a forest and want to bring some of that grandeur to your home, one of the many artificial plants you might consider is the birds’ nest fern. From their wide dark green leaves to their sturdy stems, they perfectly imitate the real plant. Each plant is inspected before shipping; they are examined to be sure both their color and texture are comparable to natural plants. In its native Hawaii, it is believed to chase away negative energy. Its lush leaves will provide a calming and positive atmosphere for your home.

Vibrantly Verdant Vibes

If you’ve visited Nearly Natural before, you already know we always try to exceed our customers’ expectations. Did you know some of our flawless faux flower arrangements also include “water” in their vases or planters? In some of our designs, in order to step up their authentic appearance, we include a small amount of “liquid allusion” in the plant’s fake soil. These arrangements include such client favorites as a berry, pine, and boxwood arrangement; a magnolia, pine, and berry combo; or a glamorous group of peonies. You could also select arrangements of orchids, dahlias, sunflowers, lilies, or hydrangeas. Each of them feature liquid illusion to enhance its authentic appearance.

Indulge Your Nesting Instinct

Would you like to transform your workspace into a source of natural calm and inspiration? Nearly Natural has a full range of plants, blossoms, or arrangements to complete your office space in a way that will elevate your work experience. Before you order your choice of plants, measure the space where you’d like it to go and ensure your choice will fit there seamlessly. At Nearly Natural, all our plants and arrangements are designed with true-to-life colors and authentic textures. You’ll have the plants or flowers you love to inspire you every day - and never worry about watering them or having them dry out.

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