Silk Cattail Plants | Fake Cattail Plants

Silk Cattail Plants


Each of the faux cattails on these plants looks so real you’ll be transported to the woods near your childhood home. These tall, lush sprays of greens are adorned by the pale, lime cones of the faux cattails. You’ll be instantly transported back to those innocent summer times and the days of pinky swears and skipping stones. These silken cattails perfectly accent the tall, sweeping dark green leaves. Cattails are heralds of rain and are found at riverbanks. You can choose a plant in a plant stand or bamboo planter. These plants are the perfect sentinel for your doorway, or at the corner of a room.

Cattails Swaying In Your Breezes

At Nearly Natural, we put our love into each leaf. Each stretch of green or bright color is an expression of our sincere wishes for your satisfaction with our faux plants and blossoms. The artificial plants you choose won’t fade or wither with the end of the summer’s sun. No wonder our products are acclaimed for their faithfulness to the appearance of nature’s beautiful plants. You can bring the beauty of nature into any room in your home, and know you will have a bloom, that will always bring you the joy it brought when you first saw it and made it your own.

A Spray of Greens Adorned with Cattails

Our homes are filled with moments of joy. If we are met with moments of discord, it’s good to know our home’s furnishings are filled with pieces of natural tranquility like these cattails. Like perfect silver leaves floating on a lazy river on a sunny day, you’ll find your pieces of peaceful rest with our artificial plants and flowers. Each time you walk into one of your rooms or down a hallway, you will proudly smile when you pass our silk plants. But, before you bring your plants into your home, be sure to measure the spaces they will occupy. Then, you’ll know each place is perfect for the perfect adornment.

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