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Silk Cycas Plants


There are many types of silk palm trees in the Nearly Natural inventory, and they all evoke the lush, tropical ambiance of their native setting. Each of them has wide, spatulate palm fronds that provide shade and serenity. Some call these sago palms or King palms, and the natural plants have appeared since the time of the dinosaurs. In ancient times, the leaves of these trees were dried and used in religious ceremonies. The plant’s name comes from a Greek word that means “palm tree.” Nearly Natural has a variety of sizes of both artificial plants and trees for you to select.

An Overflow of Cycas Leaves

Nearly Natural is dedicated to continuing the legacy of our grandpa, Mr. Friedman. Over 75 years ago, “Grandpa” Nearly Natural took his knowledge of horticulture and shared it with his children to create a company of like-minded artists who use their love and respect for nature to produce items that appear and feel as real as their natural counterparts. The staff always compares their work – and to compare each finished product – to the spirit of excellence begun by our founder. We produce realistic greenery for an affordable price – and we will always continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our customers

Wide and Generous Leaves

Does your office look lackluster and need some colorful accents? Do you long for some beautiful plants or flowers on your desk or in a window of your office? Nearly Natural offers a wide range of silk plants, trees, flowers, and arrangements that are perfect to adorn your office. All our merchandise has the authentic appearance of their natural counterparts, and they also feel precisely like the real thing. If you need suggestions about which of their plants to buy, start by measuring the space you want to place your faux plant – and then look for something that will fit in that area.

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