Nearly Natural Artificial & Silk Cymbidium Orchid Plants

Silk Cymbidium Orchids | Fake Cymbidium Orchids

The beauty, complexity and incredible diversity of orchid flowers are unrivaled in the plant market today. Nearly Natural's perfectly replicated fake Silk Orchid Plants and Flowers are the best way to keep a beautiful exotic plant forever flowering inside your home, to keep your environment warm, cozy and welcoming the whole year through. Simply drop some silk orchid flowers into a vase, or place our faux plant on the table, and create the balanced ambiance your unconscious is always searching for. Nearly Natural offers a beautiful array of silk flowers perfect for just about any space.

Fake Cymbidium Orchid Plants


There is a cacophony of colors cascading through the courtyard - and you can bring it to your home by choosing our vibrant cymbidium orchids. You already know orchids are the epitome of flowering glamour, so their ebullience shouldn’t surprise you. But the cymbidium orchid is the one that takes the orchid’s reputation to its highest height. These long sprays of blooms resemble their natural inspirations from the Himalayan mountains. In China, these flowers are given to friends as a gesture of true friendship. It also stands for morality and virtue, so you can display it with confidence in your business offices.

Lavish, Luscious Orchids

At Nearly Natural, we want to preserve the integrity of our merchandise. We strive to bring the same first-class quality we have been known for since we began our business, 75 years ago. We invite you to browse our catalog. If you leave us your email, you’ll not only get 25% off your purchase, you’ll get informative regular updates from us about upcoming holiday specials and our special promotions. If you’ve done business with us before, you already know the quality of our merchandise. If you haven’t shopped with us before, you’ll find a quality selection in our catalog.

An Explosion of Colors

Is there someone on your gift list who’s a challenge to shop for? Do you know someone who has just about everything? Well, it’s unlikely for them to have enough of our wide assortment of artificial plants, trees, bushes and flowers. And you’re not likely to find someone who wouldn’t appreciate one of our authentic replicas of natural garden arrangements. You could choose something for their walls, a welcoming tree for their garden, or a bright colorful plant for their desk. Anything you choose is sure to be gratefully received. If you check our catalog, you’ll find a perfect gift that will fit your budget.

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