Silk Dancing Daisy Plants | Fake Dancing Daisy

Silk Dancing Daisy Plants | Fake Dancing Daisy

Silk Dancing Daisy Plants and Flowers have been adorning our homes since ancient times and nothing quite completes a home or office as perfectly as a touch of floral. Perfectly replicated fake Silk Dancing Daisy Plants and Flowers are a great way to keep your environment warm, cozy and welcoming the whole year through. It’s so simple to just drop some silk flowers into a vase and create the balanced ambiance your unconscious is always searching for. Nearly Natural offers a beautiful array of silk flowers perfect for just about any space.

Silk Dancing Daisies Add A Graceful Accent to Your Interior


Artificial daisies atop long stems will nod gracefully from vases while adding a delicate touch to your interior decor any time of year. Fake daisies and other silk flowers in hues of creamy white, burnt orange, deep red and magenta, arranged together in a clear vase or other container present a Fall look that has the warm colors of this season yet does not overpower the eye. Our 24" long dancing daisy sprigs are so versatile they can be used to lighten the look of heavier, more substantial flowers such as dahlias, mums, sunflowers and poppies while adding just a touch of softness to any arrangement for either indoors or outdoors. Used in wreaths that grace our exterior doors and interior spaces all Spring, Summer and Fall, our dancing daisy branches, with their gracefully falling arcs of carefully-crafted flowers, add that perfect finishing touch.

Graceful Dancing Daisies Add Lightness to All Arrangements

At Nearly Natural, we help you optimize the look of all your seasonal decor. Paired with silk ferns and other artificial greenery, dancing daisies add much-needed lightness and airiness to all arrangements featuring the more color-saturated blooms that are typical of Summer and Fall, making any bouquet appear as if the flowers had just been gathered from a meadow. Pair them with anemones, ferns, buttercups and small red poppies for a Spring and Summer look that stretches well into Fall; add them to an arrangement of artificial flowers and leaves in deeper tones of red and gold such as brown-eyed Susans, sunflowers and darker anemones for a later Summer into Fall arrangement. In addition, our Spring Garden Wreath on a Twig Base, featuring burgundy, orange, purple and yellow flowers along with airy dancing daisies, can be displayed during all but the Winter season.

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