Artificial & Silk Dieffenbachia Plants

Silk Dieffenbachia Plants | Fake Dieffenbachia Plants

Incorporate a hint of the tropics into your home decor scheme with the help of an artificial dieffenbachia plant. Available in several sizes and planter options, they boast oversized silk leaves in naturally-occurring, variegated hues. Designed from the finest materials, each silk plant is crafted from the finest materials to provide the most naturally looking greenery wherever displayed.

Artificial dieffenbachia plants


They’ve got a unique name, and they’ll bring a unique effect to any room, office, or garden. Their oversized dark green leaves are splashed with pale cream and chartreuse accents, resulting in a lovely and welcoming plant. Every one of these plants evokes a tropical setting and you can choose from a wide range of sizes and select the planter that best meets your taste. Every leaf looks natural and the texture is so authentic you’ll marvel at its texture. Each of our silk plants is crafted to provide the most natural-looking greenery wherever you choose to display them.

A Bountiful Burst of Leaves

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A Fountain of Calm

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