Nearly Natural Artificial & Silk Dogwood Plants

Silk Dogwood Plants | Fake Dogwood Plants

Throughout human history our devotion and intense curiosity with flowers has been repeatedly documented. Flowers have been adorning our homes since ancient times and nothing quite completes a home or office as perfectly as a touch of floral. Perfectly replicated fake Silk Dogwood Plants and Flowers are a great way to keep your environment warm, cozy and welcoming the whole year through. It’s so simple to just drop some silk flowers into a vase and create the balanced ambiance your unconscious is always searching for. Nearly Natural offers a beautiful array of silk flowers perfect for just about any space.

Artificial Dogwood Plants


Our silk dogwood flowery plants look so lifelike you’ll wonder if real dogwood flowers are made of silk, after all. The delicate white petals of these lovely trees and bushes are just the right touch for your garden - or the foyer of your office. Each four-petalled white bloom seems to be singing a song of joy as it snuggles into its patch of dark green leaves. Dogwood trees in their natural habitat are glorious to behold, and our silk dogwoods will replicate that glory for you when you buy one of our expertly rendered artificial arrangements.

Busy Bushes of White Clouds

At Nearly Natural, we want our silk plants and flowers to be so authentic they radiate the spirit of their natural counterparts. In their natural habitat, dogwood trees symbolize fertility, rebirth, and peace. Legend has it that a dogwood tree provided the wood for the cross of Jesus Christ. All of our designers are experienced horticulturists, and they ensure each of our plants, trees, flowers, and arrangements looks and feel completely natural. Browse our catalog and be amazed at the consistent quality of our wide selection. We take pride in our mission to put customer satisfaction first.

Tiny Bursts of Snowy Beauty

In the front of your home, just beside your door, a stunning silk tree would bring an outstanding element to the appearance of your home. You want to welcome your neighbors and friends before they even arrive, and one of our amazing artificial trees would be the perfect addition to your front yard. On the other hand, your backyard would be the ideal place for a circle of fake flowers around one of your natural trees. If you don’t have any trees there yet, now is the time to choose a great silk tree from our online catalog.

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