Silk English Ivy Plants | Fake English Ivy

Artificial English Ivy plants for Every Decorating Need


For its uncanny ability to form the perfect backdrop to any interior or exterior space, there is nothing like the English ivy plant. Nearly Natural offers a version of silk English Ivy for every type of decor; this perennial favorite is available in a wide range of different forms, from lattice fencing to sculptured topiaries to hanging baskets. We all need to see greenery in our environment in order to feel connected to the outdoors; when real plants are not an option, turn to our fake English ivy plants to add that indispensable touch of green for every space in your home and office.

English Ivy Solves Outdoor Privacy Issues

At Nearly Natural, we know almost everyone needs to fence off some area for some reason or another -- while doing so as attractively as possible. Spreading across works to create the appearance of lush greenery in your yard or commercial property, our artificial English ivy is a nearly universal answer for covering unsightly views. Use it along the ground to delineate a property border, to fence off features in your own yard, or even mount it atop another solid fence to add privacy between you and your neighbors -- while keeping the look lighter and more natural than having a completely solid fence. Since it is expandable, Nearly Natural' English Ivy fencing will cover almost everything you could desire -- while providing a completely natural appearance that will become just another part of the natural landscape. Nearly Natural' selection of topiaries is another solution to those outdoor areas where living trees simply wouldn't survive. Providing a green accent on each side of your front door, our topiaries give a little boost to the spirits during Winter; they can also be decorated for the holidays as well.

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