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Artificial Fig Plants


Imagine you’re strolling down a sun-dappled trail in Tuscany. You see a tree with thick wide leaves and then find its beautiful pale violet fruit. You’ll be able to imagine that each time you look at one of your faux fig trees or plants. Each leaf is perfectly curved and glossy; the clouds of leaves will look ready to cradle the beautiful fruit of the tree. The feel of the leaves is genuine. The trunks are sturdy but true to the figs’ natural appearance. These plants are meant to be the accent to a room, or as part of a grove of trees in your garden. Faux fig trees will envelop you with a shout of welcome and joy.

Figs Are Fanciful Fun

Nearly Natural wants you to forget our plants are fake! Each of our handcrafted leaves, bloom, branch, or accent is crafted with an attention to detail that can only be found in a designer that has had experience with native plants and flowers. Their authentic look is unrivaled. There’s a plant or flower that will fit your home, office, or garden just perfectly. Rest assured these plants and blooms won’t wilt or fade. They don’t need water or fertilizer. They just need love - and an occasional dusting.

Lush Leaves; Fragrant Fruit

Before you decorate your home, take a few minutes and measure the spaces where you want to situate a tree or planter. Once you know how large the space is, you’ll be assured your artificial plant or blossom is the perfect one to fit that space. You know the mood you want to evoke in each room or hallway, and you will surely find the right accents for those spaces in our faux plants. No matter what your budget or style, there’s a tree, plant, or bush that will be perfect in that space .

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