Silk Fishtail Palm Trees | Fake Fishtail Palm

Silk Fishtail Palm Plants


Also called the Caryota, the fishtail palm will bring an atmosphere of Asian delight to your home or yard. These faux trees are six feet tall. Each one of its myriad leaves will look and feel natural and lend a vision of authenticity to its design. These plants don’t have the typical “frond” style leaf; they are wider. Their shape is where their name came from. Each stout and sturdy trunk of these trees feature at least 500 tiny leaves. These artificial plants are the perfect addition to any home, office, or garden, or be a gift that would bring a smile to any face.

A Celebration of Green

At Nearly Natural, your satisfaction is our most important mission. Over 75 years ago, our grandpa, Henry Friedman, had a plant named after him. Our staff is still intent on carrying out Henry’s mission, and we still strive to mimic perfection. They adhere to “Grandpa Nearly Natural” standards with every item we design and offer in our catalog. If you own a large business and want to plan and execute a perfectly-pruned garden, you can rest assured of all the quality plants offered by us.

Fluttering Leaves Evoke Joy

In each of the corners of the rooms of your home, there is a space that awaits its voice. You can fill those corners with beautiful and authentic-appearing silk plants or trees. We encourage you to measure the corners to ensure the plant you choose will fit where you want it to go. If the voice of your home is one of welcoming joy, we offer you a plethora of cascading plants or trees to fill the spaces where you need the touch of nature. No matter what your budget is, you will easily find a plant, tree, or flower that will fill the bill.

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