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Faux Fittonia Plants


These bushes are sometimes called a “nerve plant,” and they’ll calm your nerves with their tranquil oval leaves; lushly outlined with white or dark pink veins along their circulatory lines. These plants got their name from sisters Sara and Elizabeth Fitton - botanists who first discovered them in the lush tropical rainforests where they are naturally found. But you don’t have to travel to the tropics; you can bring these overflowing plants into your home or office. Choose an upright plant, a hanging bush, a wreath, or a spray of mosaic-like leaves. You can also choose arrangements where Fittonias are mixed with ficus or Ruscus branches.

Fittonia: Fit For a King

Nearly Natural is your one-stop shop for bringing the beauty of nature into your home or office. We searched the globe for plants that are perfectly situated to be the focal point of any garden, wall, or hallway. No matter what trees or flowers bloom (or, don’t bloom) near your location, we can bring exotic locations to you. We have palms from the tropics, flowers from the Far East, or spices from Africa and the Middle East. No matter which of our items you choose, you can be assured of its authentic look and texture.

Tropical Splendor and Mosaic Leaves

Once upon a time, there was your perfect home. Can you see it? It doesn’t yet exist, but it soon can come to life. Whatever floral or leafy stem you’re dreaming of; you can find it in our catalog of perfectly designed faux plants, trees, and flowers. In order to be sure your Nearly Natural purchase will fit in its new home, please measure the area where you’d like it to be displayed. Once you know the measurements of that area you will know for sure that the item you choose will bring that finishing touch to the home of your dreams.

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