Silk Fox Tail Plants | Fake Fox Tails

Silk Fox Tail Plants | Fake Fox Tails

Nearly Natural's perfectly replicated fake Silk Fox Tail Plants and Flowers are a great way to keep your environment warm, cozy and welcoming the whole year through. Simply drop some silk flowers into a vase, or place our faux plant on the table, and create the balanced ambiance your unconscious is always searching for. Nearly Natural offers a beautiful array of silk flowers perfect for just about any space.

Artificial Fox Tail Plants


These sprigs of fake fiery fox tails will light up any room in your home. Fox tail plants are related to asparagus, but these orange and golden seeds on their sturdy stems will be your new favorite home accent. In their native Africa, they are symbols of charity and are given as a tribute to someone you admire. Buy a few of them and arrange them in a cluster for a burst of cheer, or place one of them anywhere you need a little bright color. If you touch one of them, you’ll see they feel just like the native fox tail’s bristly seeds.

Spice-Colored Flounces of Fire

Here at Nearly Natural we take the time to make all our plants, trees, and flowers as authentic in their appearance as possible. Each leaf or seed is meticulously designed and colored by an expert horticulturist and it will have an authentic appearance. The texture will also be true to life, and they can expertly blend in with your natural garden or make an attractive addition to any office or home. All of the fake plants we design are prepared with the same attention to detail, and our mission is to provide our customers with an authentic experience that faithfully resembles natural plants.

Sprigs of Orange and Scarlet Splendor

As the holiday season approaches, are you looking for a place to buy gifts that will suit just about everyone on your list? Take a look at our online catalog; take advantage of our coupon that is available for prospective customers and save money on our already-affordable prices. The authentic appearance of our fake plants, trees, and flowers will thrill even the most choosy of gift recipients. You can get your items delivered to them or send everything to yourself so you can present it in person. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtful gesture and proudly display our silk plants in their home or garden

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