Silk Fuschia Plants | Fake Fuschia

Artificial Fuschia Plants


The Fuschia: hidden inside its olive leaves you’ll find treasures: vibrant blooms of deepest violet and bright magenta. The silk Fuschia tree is three feet tall, and you can choose to have it planted in a wide porcelain jar, or plan to plant it in the soil of your garden. Its blooms will never fade, and you’ll always have its joyful presence wherever you choose to place it. No matter what season it is, these jubilant trees are a welcome part of every festivity. Lovers of this tree believe it symbolizes cheerfulness, playfulness, and optimism.

Look Forward to the Fuschia

Nearly Natural brings attention to detail and exemplary customer service to all of our customers. We are dedicated to providing you with incomparable quality in the authentic appearance and texture of each item we make. Our experienced horticulturists supervise and make each exquisite design. We know you will marvel at the perfectly painted leaves, branches and flowers. We look forward to bringing color and joy to your home or office - or to help you find a perfect gift.

Dark Pink Blossoms; Dark Green Leaves

The autumn leaves may have only just begun their colorful trip to the ground, but we know your thoughts have probably already turned to the winter holidays. Every one of the people on your gift list would probably love one of our silk trees, plants, or flowers. We recommend you measure each space where you plan to display your beautiful bush, branch, or blossom. You’ll then be sure your new acquisition will fit in the place you hope it will go. We offer a full range of sizes, colors, and types of artificial trees and plants.

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