Silk Green Ash Plants | Fake Green Ash Plants

Add everlasting greenery to tight spaces with the help of an artificial green ash tree. Flaunting a dense collection of realistic looking foliage, these silk trees are expertly designed from the finest materials. No maintenance required, they’re great for year-round display.

Silk Green Ash Plants


These green ash trees' dense, green foliage is the perfect cornerstone for a narrow room or hallway. These silk trees are handcrafted with care, and each leaf and branch has the color and texture of the real thing. They feel very real to the touch. Ash trees are a favorite in landscaping near water, because they help restore the soil of stream beds. You’ll imagine you’re living on the banks of your favorite stream. They look so real; you’ll expect them to sway. The realistic sturdy trunk will add to your experience and bring this ash tree to life.

Silken Tranquility

When you shop at Nearly Natural, you will marvel at our expert attention to detail. We are the first artificial floral company to hire designers with real-life experience in the live plant industry. Each of our silk plants, trees, and flowers is designed and executed with professional precision. We do a quality check on each of our items before we display or send them. When you see and touch your Nearly Natural purchase for the first time, you’ll experience that level of precision for yourself. We encourage you to trust us to bring you an exemplary experience with every purchase. Only at Nearly Natural, you can be sure of the quality of each tree, plant, or shrub.

A Cascade of Shade

Do you have a theme for your garden? Would these lush prayer plants help set the tone for the rest of the plants in your yard? Or, is there a room in your home where these plants could deliver a needed touch of hesitant contemplation? Be sure to measure the spaces where you want to bring these plants; so you can be sure your plans will come to fruition in the right sized area. Each of the faux plants, trees, and flowers you choose will bring the desired atmosphere to any room in your home; or space in your garden.

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