Silk Hibiscus Plants | Fake Hibiscus

Florida is calling your name! We all dream of a Floridian paradise from time to time especially during the brutal winters, where all we want to do is feel the warmth. Now you can invite the essence of the tropics with silk hibiscus plants sure to transport you to a tropical paradise no matter where you live. Design a space to love and create the ultimate dream vacation all from the comfort of your own space. From tall artificial hibiscus plants to smaller ones, explore our vast selection of faux trees and plants today and take your space to the next level.

Tropical Silk Plants from Miami


Here at Nearly Natural, we know a thing or two about artificial tropical plants. We’re based in Miami, Florida and we see vibrant hibiscus plants every day. Not only that but horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry, capture mother nature’s beauty at every plant, stem, and leaf. Because of this experience, we’ve become the number one choice for leading interior decorators and social media influencers alike. You’ve probably seen our designs before in cafes, magazines, hotels, and restaurants. You can now, get the look of your favorite places, without breaking the bank with silk hibiscus plants.

Interior Decorator Tips

We know that browsing for home décor can get a bit tricky at times. This is why our team of interior decorators is here to help you design a space to love. First, decide on which space you’d like to add some color, second, measure this space. Not these numbers so you can avoid messy returns. Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to start shopping. This is the fun part, remember to shape your tree when it arrives, and use the image as a reference. No matter your budget, style or size of your area, the perfect faux croton awaits you.

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