Silk Ixora Plants | Artificial Ixora Plants

Greenify even the tightest spaces with an artificial ixora topiary plant. Specifically designed with UV Resistance, these hedge-like silk trees are designed from the finest materials to create an authentic-looking replica. Never requiring maintenance or upkeep, they’re great for sprucing up both indoor and outdoor spaces, all year round.

Silk Ixora Plants


Also called the Jungle Gardenia, these bright green plants are tight little coils of joy. With these small but vibrant shrubs in each corner of your room, or as part of a lush row of topiaries, your home or garden with be filled with the exotic accents of India or Pakistan. Each swivel of each green leaf and stretch of the stem are perfectly designed to retain the charm and barely-repressed ebullience of the natural plant. These ixoras are ideal for an outdoor setting since they are UV resistant. Once you look at these unique plants, you’ll know why they grace so many homes and gardens in their native countries.

Terrific Topiaries

At Nearly Natural, there is a reason you will savor each purchase with a smile. You’ll know you’ve chosen a silk plant or flower with a perfectly crafted appearance, but one that will never fade or wither away. You’ll know that years of experience preceded the design of the leaf, blossom, or tree you will choose. So many leading interior decorators look at our products as their first choice to ensure a flawless design. You can find the exact plant or tree you want - and you can get it for your budget.

Ready for Those Gardenias

When you look at a room in your home, what are your hopes for it? Do you envision a family room; for movie nights, Monopoly contests, homework projects, and pillow fights? Is it a den - with a relaxing fire and some mulled cider? Whatever the purpose, one of our artificial plants will give that room its final, perfect touch. Measure the space you want to use, and then place your faux tree in that space - and enjoy the ambiance

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