Silk Japanese Plants | Fake Japanese Plants

Create instant focal points in your home or office with the colorful addition of a Japanese plant, each boasting intricate silk flowers in bright, cheerful hues. Designed with natural occurring qualities from the finest materials, they inject instant, year-round freshness wherever displayed.

Faux Japanese Plants


Bring the vivid colors of the Orient into your home or office with these bright Japanese flowers. You can choose a blazing wreath of Japanese maple or a bouquet of claret-colored blooms. Although the flower in this arrangement isn’t identified, it resembles a rhododendron and its orange-red color will bring a splash of joy into any area you choose to bring it. Japan’s flowers are known for the intensity of their hues. The flowers in this arrangement stand tall in an elegant glass vase; surrounded by liquid illusion that will complete the fantasy of bringing the spirit of the East to your home.

A Swath of Silken Scarlet

If this is your first visit to Nearly Natural’s catalog, we bid you welcome. Take a moment to notice all the categories of artificial plants we have. You will soon become convinced by the stellar quality of each silken plant and tree; and marvel at the panorama of colors and designs presented on each page. If you are a frequent customer of Nearly Natural, you already know of the authentic appearance and texture of our merchandise. If you haven’t already done so, be sure you are part of our VIP Program to receive regular notifications of their upcoming promotions and specially-chosen discounts, as well as birthday gifts.

Bold and Beautiful Blossoms

Is this the year you decide to choose an alternately colored artificial tree? Although there are many arguments for choosing a traditional green tree, you may be so fond of a particular color you might want to choose a silk tree made from that color. Nearly Natural has black trees, pure white trees or pink trees. You could also save yourself time and embellish your color choice by purchasing a tree that comes complete with LED lights. The lights are also offered in multiple colors. The branches of these faux trees are bendable to ensure the branches look as natural as you wish them to.

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