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Silk Kentia Palm Plants | Fake Kentia Palm Plants

Artificial Kentia Palm Trees


The Kentia palm brings a shower of beauty into any space you plant it. In their natural state, they are also called “thatch palms,” and it’s easy to see why. The large flowing branches sport long, spatulate fronds with a delicate but vibrant burst of serenity and shade. You can choose a palm plant from sizes ranging from four feet tall to seven feet tall. They can be planted in almost any style planter and can bring their tropical beauty to any place that could use a touch of joy. In their natural setting in the islands of Australia, they are believed to mean truth, freedom, victory, and eternal life.

A Fluttering Filigree of Branches

At Nearly Natural, we know you love the beauty of nature. We know because we’ve read countless letters from our loyal and grateful customers. With over 75 years of service in the artificial plant industry, we are still dedicated to producing perfect replicas of all our plants, trees, bushes, and flowers. Every part of every piece is checked for quality - of its appearance as well as its texture. We invite you to browse our catalog and whet your appetite with our amazing collection of plants from all over the world. There’s something for everyone.

Wistfully Wonderful

While you’re redecorating your home, don’t neglect the smaller areas. Just because fewer people visit your laundry room, or you can’t imagine sprucing up your bathroom, you may change your mind when you take a look at our catalog. You can find a sprightly swath of tiny flowers to splay over your bathroom mirror, or a calming willow tree to bring serenity to that laundry room. Measure the space where you’d like to bring one of our plants or trees, and then you’ll know for sure that your new artificial bushes or blossoms will fill the bill.

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