Silk Lavender Plants | Fake Lavender Plants

Nearly Natural's perfectly replicated Silk Lavender Flowers are a great way to keep your environment warm, cozy and welcoming the whole year through without the maintenance. It usually transports us to French fields, and with its attractive foliage, vibrant flowers, it adds freshness to any decor. Simply drop some Lavender silk flowers into a vase, or place our Lavender faux plant on the table, and create the balanced ambiance your unconscious is always searching for. Nearly Natural offers a beautiful array of silk flowers perfect for just about any space. No matter your budget or size of home, start browsing today.

We are Inspired by the French Provence


Here at Nearly Natural we take pride in our designs, from flowers to trees we aim to create the most lifelike faux greenery you’ve ever seen. Horticulturists with experience in the live plant industry, design every item with meticulous attention to detail. We traveled to the French Provence to ensure we created the most memorable experience for our customers. Because of this experience, we’ve become the most sought-after place for home décor for interior decorators and social media influencers. You’ve most likely seen our designs in home décor magazines, cafes, bars, and hotels. Now you can get the look of your favorite places without breaking the bank.

How to Shop for Faux Plants and Trees

We know that shopping for home décor can get a bit tricky at times, this is why we're here to help you choose the best items for your home. First, decide on which space you’d like to add some more color in, second measure your space and take note of this number. Once you have this number, remember to narrow down your search with items within that criterion. This will help avoid messy returns. You’re finally ready to explore our amazing selection of lavender. No matter the size of your home, budget or personal style, the perfect silk flower awaits you.

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