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Silk Mango Plants


Many people who enjoy the unique taste and color of mango fruits know how beautiful their trees can be. Their long, waxy leaves and lush appearance would be a great addition to any home or garden. Each of the many leaves on these silk trees gives an authentic appearance, and the stems and barks do not disappoint in their authenticity. The mango trees at Nearly Natural are six feet and five inches. In their native Burma, mango trees provide shelter, as well as places for birds to nest. Those who believe in the symbolism of plants believe mango trees symbolize love and happiness.

Magnificent Mango Trees

At Nearly Natural, we have been producing natural-appearing plants, trees, flowers and arrangements for over 75 years. Our staff is composed of horticulturists who have had experience in the natural plant industry. Recently, however, the Nearly Natural staff have produced a group of special plants called Real Touch plants and trees. These plants include the natural appearances that have always been our hallmark - but they also include variations of that plant that would appear in nature and a heightened quality of texture. When your new fake plants or trees arrive, we can provide you with tips to enhance their realistic appearance.

Mangos? Go, Man-GO!

Do you love flowers, but don’t know what your favorite flowers symbolize? When you’re choosing silk flowers to decorate your home or office, you may want to choose flowers that convey the spirit you want your home to embody. If you want to choose fake flowers or plants that symbolize peace, you might select lavender, apple blossoms or white poppies. If you prefer your home to reflect a spirit of joy, then you might choose orchids, pink roses or lilies of the valley. If you want a faux plant or flower to give as a gift for a new business, marigolds and cherry blossoms are symbols of wealth.

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