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Artificial Maranta Plants


Maranta plants are also called “prayer plants,” and our prayer is that these authentically crafted plants will bring you enjoyment. Each of its paddle-shaped leaves fold into a shared center with a partner leaf; mimicking two hands folded in prayer. The leaves are thick, dark green with bright chartreuse accents and subtle stripes of deep magenta. You can choose one of these beautiful plants in a basket or an urn. These plants provide an aura of expectation; wherever you choose to place them will suddenly become the focal point of that room. Imagine one of these lush sprays of celebration in any room of your home.

A Shower of Serenity

Every one of the plants at Nearly Natural is a work of art. There are so many wonders of nature all over the world, and you don’t have to find them for yourself. Nearly Natural has found them for you and has taken the time and effort to recreate them perfectly. Whether you dream of the exotic trees and flowers of Asia; the spices of the Middle East and Africa, or the vines and blossoms of South America, you can find what you are looking for at Nearly Natural. We will deliver our creations to your home, and offer dedicated customer service agents to answer your questions or handle any concerns.

A Burst of Green Rivulets

Imagine it. Take your dream of a perfectly decorated home space or garden, and imagine it coming true. It can happen - with any of our stunning silk trees or plants. Before you bring our artificial bushes or blossoms home, we encourage you to carefully measure the spaces where you intend to feature one of these authentic-looking plants. You can therefore be assured your dream will perfectly come to life. And. if you are shopping on a budget, we have a plant or tree to fit your needs. All of our items would also make a great gift.

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