Nearly Natural Artificial & Silk Marginatum Plants

Silk Marginatum Plants | Fake Marginatum

Silk marginatum plants provide an oasis of greenery in tough area


Marginatum, the fern-like African plant that resembles a ponytail palm but only grows up to six feet tall in the wild, makes for a stunning presence in the home or office as an artificial plant. Displayed atop a tall base, the marginatum, with its deeply-serrated leaves, will spill out gracefully in an arc, looking very much like a palm but having a great deal more visual interest because of its realistically-recreated leaf shapes. If you want to make a major decorating impact, adding greenery to your home or office with just one silk plant, the marginatum is your answer.

Fake Marginatums are Real Stunners

We at Nearly Natural know that keeping it as real as possible is the goal here. Artificial marginatums are a great alternative for those dark corners where you really want to enjoy a bit of nature's own greenery -- but in reality, you know there is not enough natural light to make that happen. Marginatums will come to your rescue, with their enormous volume of attractive leaves not only adding a large green pop to the space but also creating a lovely screen for perhaps things that you would prefer remain unseen. These imposing plants can be grouped together for even more visual impact, staggered at different levels, as seen in our Bamboo Planter and White Tower vases. For those who prefer the look of massed plants that complement each other, Nearly Natural recommends a vase-shaped planter featuring marginatum, yucca, and pothos, with bracken tucked in amongst them. With yucca providing added visual interest with its yellow-edged leaves and the pothos trailing downward, this 25" tall arrangement looks completely real, yet will last for many years -- without worrying about providing it the correct amount of water or sunlight.

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