Nearly Natural Artificial & Silk Mohlenbechia Plants

Silk Mohlenbechia Plants | Fake Mohlenbechia

Why You Should Buy Silk Mohlenbechia?


Accentuate any bare space with year-round faux-ever greenery with the help of one of our silk mohlenbechia plants. Available in various sizes shapes, and planters our fake mohlenbechia is carefully designed from the finest materials to create the most lifelike version of itself; and will keep you guessing if it's faux or real. Available as both spherical and spiral shapes our silk mohlenbechia plants can help refresh the smallest and grandest of spaces without ever requiring any maintenance or upkeep. Feel confident in our lifelike fake mohlenbechia plants knowing its minimalist aesthetic makes it great for year-round use. Explore our large selection of silk mohlenbechia plants today and invest in high-quality, zero-maintenance decor that will look as beautiful as the day you received it!

How to style?

If you’re unsure about where to display your silk mohlenbechia plants, we’re here to help you. Consider adding our trendy artificial mohlenbechia balls as a centerpiece to your kitchen nook, dining table, or credenza. Our fake mohlenbechia will give your home the polish, clean and modern look while still adding a pop of color and organic touch to your chic space. If your home is not modern, the good news is that these pieces blend with your existing décor without being over the top. Best of all? You can DIY and add in a vessel of your choice, making it the perfect piece for any style.

Why buy from us?

Don’t be scared of going #teamfaux. Here at Nearly Natural, we create the most lifelike fake mohlenbechia, inspired by nature. Horticulturists with 75+ years of experience in the live floral industry, design and handcraft every item to capture mother nature’s beauty at every step of the design process. No matter the size of your space or budget, we have a silk mohlenbechia plant, for any area in need of some greens.

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