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Artificial Money plants

Did you ever make a joke about wanting a money tree? Well, we have one. Their beautiful bright green silk leaves make a cheerful impact when you see them - even if you don’t already know their name. The waxy green leaves are formed into a perfectly sculpted corona of lush leaves, while the thin sturdy trunk stands tall in a beautiful plant stand. They come in a wide variety of sizes. Each money tree branch has five leaves, and each of the leaves symbolizes one of the five elements of nature: fire, air, water, metal and wood.

  • A Shower of Serenity

    Nearly Natural is your one-stop shop for any gardening needs. You can augment the plants you already have with some beautifully-rendered trees or large bushes. If you’re looking for a boost of color, we have flowers of all types and colors available to supplement the mesmerizing hues of your natural flowers. We have 75 years of experience designing authentic flowers, branches and shrubs. All of our faux flowers and bushes are quality-checked for both appearance and texture. Give us a call anytime. One of our dedicated customer service agents will assist you to make the best choice for you and your home.

  • Clusters of Prosperity

    Do you have a long hallway between your front door and your living room? Or perhaps you have a corner in one of your rooms that needs “something special” - but you don’t know what that could possibly be? Those are the perfect places for one of our stately silk trees. They make the perfect sentinel for any home; the fitting cornerstone for that room. Just measure the space where you’d like to place our faux tree and check to be sure the tree you like will fit that place. Then, order it with confidence and enjoy the way it welcomes your guests or thrills each member of your family.

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