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Graceful Silk Oak Trees and Leaves are Always in Style


Silk oak leaves and artificial trees in any size will add a classic touch to any decor. The oak, which has served as a symbol of strength, wisdom and perseverance over the millennia, has distinctive, shiny leaves which are very attractive all on their own. Silk oak leaves in warm Fall colors form a stunning backdrop when accented with acorns and pine cones and used as part of Autumn wreaths. From the ficus tree, with its well-known ovate leaves, to the classic oak tree, sporting deeply-lobed leaves, the oak family lends itself to beautiful artificial trees and plants that can be used to create great visual impact.

More Than Just Ficus Trees

Here at Nearly Natural, we want to help you find the best artificial trees and plants for all your needs, whether it be to brighten up a dark spot in your home or office, to add visual interest to a blank wall, to add beauty and stature to an outdoor space, or to add color to your surroundings at the darkest times of the year. Our ficus tree, at four feet tall, is extremely realistic-looking, with smooth leaves and an elegant shape. Just right for tucking into a corner that would not support a real tree, this is a great option for many places in the home or office. You could also opt for a five-foot-tall oak tree, with its leaves adding that classic touch to any space. Those who have more room may opt for a potted artificial oak tree that stands a full 5' 9" tall. With an even larger presence, it would even be a great addition to an outdoor space, lending a stately air to just the right spot outside any building.

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