Silk Paradise Palms | Fake Paradise Palm

Faux Paradise Palm


Palm trees always evoke visions of a tropical paradise – so Paradise Palms seem appropriately named. The generous width of the palm fronds looks very authentic, and they feel very real. The Paradise palm trees at Nearly Natural would look perfect adorning a pool area, but they also bring relaxing charm to any home or office. All of them can be planted in any of our perfectly apportioned planters. However, some of them are UV resistant and can be placed in your garden. These palm trees symbolize peace, love, and victory. It is one of the popular symbols of Islam, and it is pictured on several nations’ flags.

Retreat to Paradise With These Palms

At Nearly Natural, we encourage you to browse our website with a sense of curiosity. Take an imaginary trip around the globe and find trees, plants and flowers that will allow you to bring authentic-looking pieces of nature to your home or office. What will you discover as you browse? Do you crave an exotic arrangement from the tropics? Does your garden path need some plants or topiary pieces to even it out? Do you need some bright and beautiful flowers to light up a gloomy corner in your home? Any item you pick from Nearly Natural will enhance the ambiance of your home, office, or garden.

Paradise is Paved With Palms

Are you searching for silk flowers that convey a special meaning? Do you want a gift that speaks for you with their special symbolism? For example, if you want to apologize to someone, you can choose a bouquet of violets, blue hyacinths or white tulips. If you want to purchase silk flowers to say you miss someone, carnations and white orchids are a good choice. Finally, if you want to say you love someone, most would agree that love is most commonly associated with red roses, but hydrangea and carnations can also convey love. Nearly Natural has artificial flowers based on flowers from all over the world.

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