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Artificial Parlor Palms


Palm trees always seem to be waving “hello!”. Their slender green fronds make their branches seem to beckon us into their shade. These trees got their name in the Victorian era; when they were the most popular choice for the parlors of aristocrats. Our faux parlor palms don’t shirk from their role in bidding you welcome to a sense of calm. Each frond is authentically designed; just touch them and you’ll swear they were the real thing. You can choose a silk tree measuring from four feet tall to almost seven feet tall. They are believed to symbolize vitality and good fortune.

Bring Some Palms to Your Parlor

At Nearly Natural, we proudly offer the largest variety of artificial plants, trees, bushes, and flowers. We are also proud of our collaboration with local interior decorators and social media influencers. Our merchandise speaks for itself, but our collaborators are also ready to spread the news of how well our items enhance their own services. We have over 75 years of experience in designing and making authentic-appearing items. All of our items are checked for quality before they leave our shipping location. Every item is inspected; both for the authenticity of color and of texture. We invite you to browse our catalog and find the items just perfect for your need.

Round Up a Row of Palm Trees

One of the most interesting ways to personalize your space is to use a signature color. One way to pull this off is with a favorite flower. Why not find your favorite flower among all the amazing blooms in our catalog? We know it may be hard to choose among all the perfectly-executed blossoms, but we dare you to try. Then, go ahead and tuck one of those flowers into every room in your home. Your guests may not notice what the unifying factor is, but they’ll register the continuity on an unconscious level and feel the impact of your inner self in a very special way.

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