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Those who enjoy the startling sensation of pepper may not realize that peppers are the flower of the pepper plant. We get our pepper spices from the peppers’ seeds, but many also enjoy cooking the flesh of peppers. Peppers come in many degrees of hotness, and some prefer hotter peppers than others. The leaves of the pepper tree are very unassuming in appearance, but many pepper leaves are also edible and produce an equivalent heat. The name of the plant comes from the piquancy (spiciness) of the peppers. The heat of the pepper has also endowed it with its symbolism, since it stands for passion.

  • Spicy Pepper Plants

    At Nearly Natural, we understand your love of nature. There is a peace we all often feel when walking outdoors and marveling at the artistry of foliage or flowers. When walking through the woods or a field, we are often entranced by the stunning boldness of color or the intricacy of the whorls of bark on a tree. If you look at the encompassing dome of some plants, you will often feel transported with wonder. By purchasing one of the artificial plants, trees, flowers, or arrangements from Nearly Natural, we can obtain our personal version of this natural source of enchantment.

  • Tendrils of Tender Peppers

    Feng shui practitioners also have recommendations for inviting the forces of health and happiness into your home. Whichever artificial plant or flowers you place in the center of a room will influence the flow of health or happiness into your spirit when you are in that room. Just as the sun can brighten your day, bringing brightly colored flowers (especially yellow flowers) into the center of a room can increase your feelings of happiness. We recommend the sunniest of flowers: our fake sunflowers. You could also choose calla lilies or geraniums. You might also select yellow roses, bromeliads or bird of paradise plants.

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