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It’s been shown that having greenery in your home can help increase cognitive abilities and increase concentration when performing tasks. But with so much going on with work, it can become difficult to care for plants; this is why many people prefer artificial plants for the office. Inspired by nature, we have 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry and create artistic renditions of nature sure to fool anyone. Enhance your office and make it a space you’ll be happy to spend time in.

Artificial Office Plants and Trees Provide Elegant Atmosphere


We all know that looking at greenery instills feelings of peace and well-being - and it has been proven to increase our cognitive abilities and concentration. This makes fake plants for the office the perfect solution; we can enjoy and reap the benefits of looking at their beauty, while not having to devote our precious time to their upkeep. From the tiniest succulents which would fit into the smallest office spaces to towering 7-foot-tall artificial trees that would make a statement in the largest atriums -- or even outdoors -- silk office plants and artificial trees are a must for anyone who would like to provide an attractive ambiance for both employees and customers.

Silk plants Offer a Touch of Home at Work

Nearly Natural offers everything from a set of three succulents in small glass vases to larger succulents and plants in compact, rectangular planters for office dwellers who would like that touch of the outdoors near them all day. Of course, in addition, we also have a full range of potted artificial office plants for every space and every budget. Adding elegance to their many advantages, having fake office plants in your workplace can only improve morale and the way your office presents itself to the world. Why not greet customers with a graceful, 82" tall olive tree at the entrance, or a 6-foot-tall silk Kentia palm tree? There's always room for topiaries as well, and two UV-resistant olive topiaries framing your exterior entrance will provide an elegant touch like no other decor.

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