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Plumeria trees combine lush, green leaves with tiny but impressive purple blossoms. Their flowers are often used in Hawaii to compose traditional leis used in various ceremonies; and some call them frangipani. Our plumeria trees display dark green leaves soft, bright flowers of light purple. Many don’t know these plants are not related to plums but got their name from French botanist Charles Plumier. In their native tropical setting, they are revered for their beauty. Mayans used them to symbolize the birth of the gods and included them in religious ceremonies. Today, they symbolize life force and positivity.

  • Hidden Blossom in Lush Leaves

    At Nearly Natural, we know that accessories and accents can help lift your spirits and make a difference in any room or garden. We have a selection of plant walls, seasonal arrangements, ornaments, and statues. We have items to accessorize your garden as well as to add holiday accents to your home or office. Each of the plants, leaves, and flowers remain authentic in appearance and in texture, and always resemble their natural counterparts. If you didn’t know we had such unusual items in our inventory, we invite you to browse our website and see what new items we have added.

  • Violet Blossoms AugmentingNatural Beauty

    Are you decorating a new home, or are you redecorating a room? Think about adding some oases of nature within each room you decorate. Nearly Natural offers hundreds of artificial trees, plants, flowers and arrangements. The perfectly-curated silk flowers add color and style, while faux trees can add elegance either indoors or outdoors. When you browse our online catalog, you will find decoration solutions for every spare space you have. Each of their items will have the authentic appearance and texture of its natural counterpart. If you measure the space before ordering, you will be sure of the fit of your new items.

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