Silk Raspberry Plants | Fake Raspberries

Silk Raspberry Plants


Spiked olive leaves with delicate ruby berries: you’ll swear these faux raspberry plants are the real thing. You can choose a hanging basket or a sumptuous arrangement in a planter. Each leaf and berry is handcrafted and looks authentic. Raspberries are believed to have properties of kindness and love, and you can’t deny they make an amazing pie! Though you won’t be able to pluck these beautiful berries for jam, you’ll still savor their beautiful appearance. You could place a row of these in your garden and then imagine you have a raspberry vineyard.

Bursting with Raspberry Goodness

Nearly Natural invites you to browse our catalog. Maybe you haven’t visited us yet - or, you haven’t visited us in a while. We are always discovering new plants and flowers that are perfect for reproduction. Each of our designers always strives for perfection in every plant, tree, bush, or flower. Seeing is believing with us: each part of every item is handcrafted and intended to look and feel authentic. The best part - aside from the stunningly beautiful appearance - is how long they will last, and they’ll need a minimum of maintenance from you.

These Plants are Berry Nice

If you’re struggling to find the right finishing touches for decorating your home or business, you’re in luck. You can find a plant, tree, or flowering bush that will complete or enhance the look you have in mind. Everyone has their own taste, and that’s why we have such a wide selection of choices. No matter what your personal style may be - and no matter what your budget level is, we have the perfect style and selection for you. Before you bring one of our items home, you should always measure the areas where you plan for the item to go. When you know the areas’ measurements, you will be sure the item will fit in its intended place.

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