Nearly Natural Artificial & Silk Ruffle Fern Plants

Silk Ruffle Ferns | Fake Ruffle Ferns

Artificial Ferns and Wicker Plant


Ferns So Real You'll Swear They Sway! Each frond is meticulously crafted and the color is authentic. Nearly Natural offers you all sizes of fern plants. There are darker leaved ferns and silvery light-leaved ferns; depending on your preference. There’s a reason ferns are used for waiting rooms; they lend an aura of contemplation to any foyer, den, living room or bedroom. You can choose ferns mounted in a standard plastic planter or a sturdy wicker basket. Each of our ferns’ authentically crafted needles looks and feels like the fronds of a fern. Choose one - or more, today.

Delicate Ferns For Moments of Revery

Nearly Natural staff designers travel the world twice a year to find the plants we use as models for our wonderful faux plants. Even the tiniest branches of these plants are crafted to have the look and feel of the needles of a natural fern. Nearly Natural uses care to color and shade each branch, frond and stem. We are the choice for interior designers, social influencers and trendsetters. Our artificial plants are authentically affordable; there is one for every budget. Why not pick out a whole selection, and complete your holiday gift list?

Whisper Elegance With Ferns

A beautiful plant can set the mood for your home office, a cozy den, or even for a large bathroom. We know you have a dream for each space you decorate, and the peaceful mood our silk plants evoke will echo through any setting. Be sure to measure the space where you’d like to place your new ruffle silk, and then display it proudly. If you’re also in need of a gift for a loved one or to honor a staff member, our selection of artificial plants and flowers will provide you with the perfect choice for a gift they will cherish.

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