Silk Ruscus Plants | Fake Ruscus Plants

Accent any space in a home or office with an artificial ruscus plant. Available in select sizes and display options, each of our silk plants can fill spaces with lush, year-round greenery without the need of maintenance or upkeep. Designed from the finest materials to convey naturally occurring qualities, they easily transform any space they inhabit.

Artificial Ruscus Plant


Ruscus trees provide your home with a lush and lovely source welcome. Ruscus plants also make lovely, welcoming wreaths. They make the perfect background for the rustic colors of our lovely silk fall flowers or artificial berries. These are the perfect accent to any room or hallway. The materials of our faux ruscus trees are all UV resistant, so they are perfect for your yard or garden. The silk ruscus wreaths will withstand any weather changes when they adorn your front door. These leaves look so authentic; you can imagine weaving them into laurels for your neighborhood athletic competitions.

Raise a Ruscus!

Here at Nearly Natural, our designers travel wide and far to capture mother nature's beauty at every stem, branch and leaf. With over 75 years of experience in the live plant industry, we aim to create the most lifelike renditions of nature sure to satisfy any taste and style. From farmhouse, to modern, to art deco, our faux plants and trees are sure to impress you, no matter the size of your space or your budget. So have one less worry, your busy lifestyle doesn't need any more stress. Relax with nature-inspired faux plants and trees.

Wide and Sheltering Leaves

Every decorator knows that moment where you think, “this desk needs something,” or “what should I hang on this wall?”. Each leaf of our faux ruscus plants is lush, wide and welcoming. Once you look at the amazing selection available at Nearly Natural, you won’t ask that question any longer. Your satisfaction with our selection is guaranteed, but we have a refund policy for those rare occasions when your order isn’t right. We provide customer support and will be glad to replace any item which does not meet your satisfaction.

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