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Silk Sago Palm Tree

The sheltering branches of our artificial sago palm trees can provide a banner of serenity in any room or garden. We have faux sago palms available in sizes from four feet to six feet tall. The long, tapered fronds of each branch will cast a spell that will surround you with peace. The trunks of these artificial trees will astound you with their natural appearance and texture. In its native Japan, these wide-branched trees are called Japanese palms or King Palms. Many believe it symbolizes fertility or financial gain; which is understandable, given the generous spread of its branches.

  • The Flavor of the Tropics - Here at Home

    Nearly Natural’s designers have ensured each item in their inventory has an appearance that matches its natural counterpart; in every way. Not only is the color and appearance of each item authentic, the texture of each petal, leaf, branch, and stem provides a genuinely tactile experience. Once you see our merchandise you’ll agree it is a far cry from the days when silk plants were tacky and obviously artificial in both look and touch. Our quality control department inspects every item before it is shipped or delivered to you. Our satisfied customers have overwhelmingly certified the quality and value of our merchandise.

  • Choose the Calm of a Palm

    Are you looking for artificial plants and trees which can be used outdoors? You can have professional-appearing landscaping at a reasonable price, and be sure your faux trees and plants will have an authentic look. We offer many varieties of UV-resistant items. For example, you might want to buy one or more of our distinctive boxwood or cedar topiaries. If you prefer a more traditional tree, we suggest one of our ficus trees or bamboo plants. If you seek a more tropical look we have several varieties of palm trees available or a diminutive cypress bush. All of them are designed to exceed your expectations.

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