Artificial & Silk Schefflera Plants

Silk Schefflera Plants | Fake Schefflera Plants

Highlight bare spaces with year-round greenery with the help of our artificial schefflera plants, available in various heights and planter options. Carefully designed from the finest materials to create the most realistic version of the real thing - right down to the touch - each of our silk plants can help freshen up even the tightest spaces without ever requiring any maintenance or upkeep.

Artificial Schefflera Plants


Schefflera plants are also called “umbrella plants” because of the shape their leaves form at the top of the trees. In China, these trees symbolize wealth and good luck; which they believe increases with each leaf that has six leaves. Each of these trees' long, waxy lime-green leaves is a perfect replica of this tropical plant. You can buy one of our Scheffleras in sizes ranging from 32 inches to six feet tall and choose from a choice of potting materials. One of these models would be perfect for your garden because it’s UV resistant.

Enjoy a Lovely Umbrella Tree

Schefflera plants are leafy beauties, and at Nearly Natural we know how to recreate their abundant beauty. All of our faux plants are made from the finest ingredients. Each of the leaves of the artificial trees is inspected - not only for its color and appearance but for its texture. These plants, and their exuberant leaf clusters, will liven up any room in your home. If you take a look through our online brochure you will see these trees. Take advantage of the savings offered in our online coupons. We will deliver to your office in a timely manner, and we have customer support staff available by phone to answer any questions.

Beautiful Bunches of Leaves

Your home or garden probably has many corners or hallways where a stately, leafy artificial tree is exactly the touch that is needed. Take a look at your home and locate any spaces where you feel you could place one of our trees. Measure the space, and then choose the right tree for the space you need. When you choose a tree for yourself, take a look at the rest of our amazing inventory and choose a gift or two for a family member, friend, or coworker. If you have a White Elephant gift to buy, choose a gift you can be sure won’t be duplicated!

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