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Artificial Sea Grapes

Are you looking for something different? Try the sea grape arrangements at Nearly Natural. Each of their green and maroon leaves looks like a colorful jewel. Together, the set can provide a whimsical accent in any room or at your office. These colorful plants are usually found on the side of oceans or lakes near the Indian Ocean or Pacific region. These plants are normally edible, and are nicknamed “green caviar.” Although the silk sea grapes at Nearly Natural are not edible, they retain the quirky beauty of their natural counterparts. Those who believe in plant symbolism say sea grapes symbolize fertility and mental sharpness.

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    At Nearly Natural, we have merchandise that fits every budget. You may think that the expertise that goes into our plants, trees and flowers would cause the prices to be too high, but our dedication to our clients has allowed us to offer exceptional merchandise at affordable prices. For over 75 years, we have used professional horticulturists to design our collection of merchandise. We also use the finest materials. Yet, we also ensure the finished products are within reach for everyone. If you come to our website today, you’ll be greeted by a coupon - and also find opportunities for even more savings on selected merchandise.

  • Passionately Purple

    Are you planning a wedding, and wondering if it is appropriate to use artificial flowers or plants? The answer is an overwhelming “yes!” Nearly Natural has made it their mission to ensure all their silk plants, trees and flowers replicate their natural counterparts in both appearance and touch. We have flowers or all kinds – including many “teardrop” arrangements perfect for the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets, as well as garlands and plants to adorn the place where the vows will be said. As for which types of flowers, although roses and lilies are the most popular choices, hydrangeas, peonies and gladioli also make excellent choices.

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