Silk Silver Queen Plants | Fake Silver Queen

Add a pop of natural color to everyday interiors with an artificial silver queen plant. Ranging in various heights and sizes, each of our silk plants are designed from the finest materials to create the most realistic version of the actual thing. Also available in sets and in various (hanging) planters and vase options, they will continuously keep spaces fresh without ever requiring any maintenance or upkeep.

Artificial Silver Queens


Also called, “painted drop tongue,” these plants will give a hearty welcome to anyone who visits your home or office. The widened leaves are dark green, but each leaf is also splashed with silver streaks. These evergreens are very popular in Asia, and they will bring a festive air to any room or garden. You can choose from several different plant sizes and have them planted in a plant stand, vase or basket. How about a hanging Silver Queen leaves? They make a celebratory addition to any room or garden.

A Rush of Delicate Silver

At Nearly Natural, our company name tells you our mission. It also attests to the quality of every one of our products. Each of our plants will meet your expectations because all our faux plants and trees are designed by staff members who travel the world in search of plants, trees, and blossoms to inspire our artificial but authentic-appearing plants. Our colors and textures will always look and feel natural. Nearly Natural is always the first and best choice when adding a finishing touch to a newly-decorated room, or for the perfect gift for every special person.

Peaceful But Plentiful

What is your dream for your home? What mood do you want to set in your room or garden? Do you want a quiet stately statement; a warm spray of seasonal plants; or a lush and extravagant motif? No matter which choice you make, you’ll find it with one of our silk plants or blossoms. Be sure you measure the space where you plan to put your faux tree, so you’ll be sure how it will fit in its new place of honor. All the artificial plants, trees, and blossoms appear completely natural, but they’ll never need water and they’ll last forever

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