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Artificial Staghorn Plants

Staghorn plants got their name from the shape of their leaves. Each of the silk leaves of these plants resembles the antlers of a stag. You’ll marvel at the attention to detail by the designers and crafters of these artificial plants. Staghorn's are a type of fern, and the two shades of green in these faux leaves will thrill you with their unique appearance. Fern plants often inspire folk legends, and these are no exception. They symbolize the arrival of money - and perhaps this unusual plant will bring some profit your way when you choose it as a gift or for yourself

  • Spongy Strands of Staghorns

    At Nearly Natural, we want you to have the most unique holiday wreath in your neighborhood. Start with any of our authentic faux holiday wreaths,( with needles so perfect you’ll swear they are real), and choose from one of the ideas in this month’s blog to decorate the wreath. We suggest red pom poms and pinecones; together you’ll have both red and green accents to give a festive flair to the wreath. Or, try a more rustic styling by using swaths of burlap; contrasted with swirls of antique lace. You’ll make a holiday statement that’s all your own.

  • Tall Tendrils of Tenacity

    We know you always marvel at the attention to detail in our artificial trees, plants, flowers, and arrangements. But Nearly Natural also offers items that are not intended to look like plants. We also offer garden statues, such as Buddhas or a statue of an ancient Asian warrior. If your garden or one of the rooms in your home has an Asian theme, they will be perfect for that place. They would also be a wonderful addition to an Asian restaurant or a yoga studio. We also offer a wide variety of wall decorations - from metal to weathered wooden window covers to geometric statues and wall hangings.

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