Silk Stephanotis Plants | Fake Stephanotis

Artificial Stephanotus


If a tree with wide, olive-green leaves and tiny adorable white petals seems like a great tree to acquire. At Nearly Natural, we have a line of Stephanotis plants. Their clusters of leaves look somewhat like a leafy beehive. These flowers have a charm, and they are a great purchase for adorning your home, office, and garden. Each of the faux flowers we sell is always inspected to ensure authentic appearance and texture. Since these flowers originate in Madagascar, they are sometimes also known as Madagascar jasmine. Those who believe in the symbolism of flowers believe these blooms symbolize marital happiness and good fortune.

Charming Bushes With Delicate Petals

At Nearly Natural, we know you want to rely on our expert designs. We know you want to place one of our artificial trees, plants, flowers, and arrangements in your home or office and be proud of the way it looks and feels. Our merchandise has grown in popularity since our beginnings 75 years ago. We hire designers who have horticultural experience. Look at our website and get excited about the choices of items to take home or to give as gifts. Every piece is inspected before it is shipped for both visual and textural authenticity, so you can be sure your purchase looks “Nearly Natural.”

Sweet White Petals on Jade Green Leaves

Why is green such a comforting color? Why do we take such solace in seeing the spreading leaves of a plant or the leaves and stems of flowers? Is it because we see them as the embodiment of the spirit of life? Do we seek them as affirmations of our connection to the Universe? No matter the reason, having a group of natural-looking artificial plants, trees, or flowers in your home will bring some of their life into your home, office, and garden. Every leaf, stem, or branch is inspected for both appearance and texture. Rest assured your merchandise will live up to its reputation.

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