Silk String Of Pearls | Fake String Of Pearls

Fake String of Pearls


Have you ever seen a plant that resembles a jellyfish? The fake string of pearls plant takes a cluster of minute olive green circlets and spills them enticingly over the rim of its basket. In its native Africa, this fascinating succulent plant was named for its resemblance to pearls. You can imagine breathing in their richness or draping them over a gown or blouse. These flourishing plants symbolize purity, loyalty, and friendship. Many would enjoy the drama of their appearance in the home setting, but it is also delicate enough to be featured at a wedding or other romantic occasion.

Cascades of Tiny Green Leaves

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Overflow With Green Leaflets

What does your soul crave, at the end of the day? When it’s just you and the family – (or, maybe, just you) and the night is beginning to hem you in, what is the mood your home might need? Maybe you miss a certain cuisine from your childhood kitchen. Why not bring a silk olive tree to your kitchen? Is your family stuck in a rut of TV or gaming? Maybe a bright centerpiece will liven the atmosphere. Do you feel at peace when you retreat to your bedroom? Why not place a lavender plant in that room to invoke a sense of serenity.

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