Nearly Natural Artificial & Silk Tradescantia Plants

Silk Tradescantia Plants | Fake Tradescantia Plant

Silk Tradescantia Plants


Once you see the lushness of the tradescantia, you will have difficulty choosing any other type of plants. Each of these silk plants is a splash of doubly green leaves that conveys the spirit of exuberant joy throughout any room or setting you place it in. Each of its leaves have a restful dark green background, but they are shot through with bright and ebullient streaks of lighter green. The contrast is startling yet compelling. These lush faux plants would be the perfect centerpiece for any large room.

A Splash of Jade and Chartreuse

Every “Nearly Natural” plant is made with precision and attention to every detail. Our designers have more than 75 years of experience, and each of our design creators have experience in the live plant industry. We look forward to brightening your home or office; to bringing the feeling of a natural garden to any setting where it would be welcome and cherished. You will not only marvel at how natural these faux plants and trees appear, but will be able to touch and appreciate the natural texture of each leaf, bloom, frond, needle, stem, and trunk. The colors are so authentic, you will say, “it looks like the real thing!”

An Overflow in Emerald

These plants are wide, so it's important to measure the prospective place before you make your choice. But if these plants are not right for you, any of our items are an ideal gift or addition to your home. All your decorating choices should be as easy as choosing any of the silk plants or flowers from Nearly Natural. Each plant is meticulously crafted to resemble the plant it portrays. The holidays will soon be here, and any of our artificial plants or trees would make a stunning and memorable gift for someone you love. Show them how much you care.

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